And that's how it all began . . .

. . . it was autumn 1981, when 7 musicans met to make music together. A new idea, a new plan, a new sound and "Günther Friedmann und seine Original Banater Musikanten" were born. Experts in the line of music know the trouble of becoming established in this profession and getting recognition from the competent people. Lots of rehearsals connected with hard-work, comradely team-spirit, musical ability and perfection have led to success. Because of long-standing experiences, we know all the wishes of the visitors and therefore we offer "old and new" songs.

Our repertoire an venues include all kinds of music, starting with standard or modern folk music, evergreens and going on with vocal and instrumental kinds of up-to-date hits. Our appintments book extend from Germany, other European Countries, like France, Belgium or Luxemburg, and tours to Brazil, Argentina, the USA, Southafrica, China, South-Korea, to the Middle East, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, where we have performed for dances at Beer- and Octoberfestivals, and all this with considerable success. We also performed at a cruise on the famous ship "MS Arkona" (today Astoria).

We are also represented at many radio an tv programmes with famous artists. Wins at different radio and tv competitions show the success of the band. We also produced a row of MC`s, LP`s and CD's.

For some time the band performs as "GÜNTHER FRIEDMANN BAND" and for special occasions with reduced members as "TRIO ATLANTIC".