Günther Friedmann was born on the 10th of September 1952. He has already got his first accordion-lessons at the age of nine. In the music school he took the subjects piano and trombone, as well as theory of music and history of music. Finally he continued his education by reading different special literature.
In practical addition he gained experience by performing in different brass bands and dancing bands. There he also tried other instruments, which was very good for him later. Soon he did't want only to join in; he took the initiative and founded the Trio Universal Music Stars (later Flamingos) in 1976, from which a seven men band with the name "Günther Friedmann und seine Original Banater Musikanten" developed in 1981.

For some time the band performs as "Günther Friedmann Band" and for special occasions with reduced members as "TRIO ATLANTIC".
Günther Friedmann has been and is still away in the whole world: in Europe, North- and Southamerica, Asia and Africa. The repertoire of his bands is varied and well-established; Among them there are also many original personal compostitions, which came out on CDs, tapes, etc. and printed at different publishers: the music-publishers Rundel, De Haske, Ewoton, Steer. Several of his compostitions have been included of music-clubs as well as "Michael Klostermann und seinen Musikanten" , the "Army Musician's Corps" (Germany), the "Neuen Böhmischen Blasmusik", etc. in their program, and published on their sound-carriers.

Günther Friedmann - Music is his life.